It has been a hot week as you all know! I am very proud of our members of staff who have handled the heat challenge very well. Extra fluids have been offered, as well as lots and lots of lollies. If you can’t find any at Sainsbury’s, it is probably because I bought most of them! Residents are enjoying sitting outside but we are able to provide shady areas which are very useful at the moment. We have made nice and refreshing fruit salads, milkshakes and have adapted the food offering slightly by offering more green salads for instance. Even though it is hot, we are still offering soup as it provides much required fluid.

This week, our hairdresser was poorly so will be returning next week. However we welcomed Helen from Tranquil Moments on Wednesday and Luke the Harpist is due in tomorrow. Erich has also regaled us with some Ukulele sessions which the residents love so much. Erich sang a Happy Birthday to Julia who turned 40 this week!