Residents’ Charter

Residents in Harbour Rise will…

Be encouraged and helped to maintain a high quality of life.
Be encouraged to maintain their independence.
Have their privacy respected.
Be treated with dignity.
Have their human, emotional and social needs respected and fulfilled.
Be encouraged to follow the religion of their choice.
Be addressed as they wish.
Not be discriminated against on grounds of race, religion, sex, colour or disability.
Be cared for in a manner similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their home.
Be encouraged to handle their own medicines when competent to do so.
Be able to retain the doctor of their choice.
Receive medical and nursing care in private.
Be entitled to all the common facilities available to other people living elsewhere in the locality.
Be encouraged to discuss their care and needs with the owner/manager of the home.
Be cared for by adequate and appropriately trained staff.
Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time.
Have the right to consult their own solicitor.
Feel ‘at home’.
Be provided with adequate accommodation.
Be encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home.
Have access to a telephone.
Be provided with nourishing, appetising and adequate food.
Be encouraged to take part in recreational facilities.
Be able to complain about the quality of care received in a home.
Be given value for money.
Continue to enjoy a home relationship.
Have a contract of residence and a Service Users Guide.


Harbour Rise was first registered as a Residential Home on the 21.11.1983. Harbour Rise is now registered as the following:
Service Category – PC Care Home only
Service User Category – OP Old age, not falling within any other category DE Dementia E Service users who are over 65 years of age but do not fall within the category of old age PD Physical disability

Type of Care

Harbour Rise provides care practice requirements for situations such as catheters, pressure sores etc. The Home provides care for the Mentally Disordered Elderly.

Staff receive Training both within the Home and from external sources dealing with Dementia and Confusion with the emphasis being placed on patience, understanding and avoiding confrontation. It is important that within the Home, the social mix is well balanced and to avoid problems within that area, the Home is unable to admit verbally or physically aggressive Service Users.

Harbour Rise provides care for the Physically Disabled Elderly, the most common being Service Users that have suffered Strokes or Severe Arthritis. Equipment is provided to assist Disabled Service Users, including Stand Aid Hoists, Full Hoists and Bath Hoists which staff are trained to use.

The staff are trained within the Home and from external sources to understand the needs and frustrations of the above Service Users and to deal with them in a patient and understanding way, including those with speech or hearing impediments.

Quality standard

Harbour Rise is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and is open to inspection at any time. Please find below the details of the CQC website where you can find our inspection report and ratings.

All fire regulations are complied with. We hope that our home is of interest to you and would be pleased to assist you further.