This week, our residents have enjoyed a special focus on nutrition week. This means they have had an exceptional presentation of new treats and ideas. On Tuesday we tried small shots of various favoured fizzy drinks, and also some pineapple cubes. On Wednesday our residents enjoyed a fresh fruit salad ( this is a regular weekly event now ) and a coke float ( coke and ice cream which turned out to be very popular!). On Thursday, our residents made some homemade orange juice and apple & pear homemade lollipops, as well as pineapple, orange and cinnamon sweets. Today, we are enjoying homemade glitter jelly and “rummaging” through coloured tapioca as a sensory activity. Finally we all enjoyed a cream team which was really appreciated. There was also a fun balloon exercise game and with better weather we have been able to go outside on the balcony and patios thanks to the good weather. Also as always Quizzes and football watching!

Amanda came back this week and our residents sat outside on the patio in the shade, sheltering from the heat and any potential sunburns! It has been brilliant to see so many family visits taking place outside in the sun. Our big umbrella has also just been replaced. Let’s hope the sun returns soon now.