The visiting guidelines seem to be working well. We enjoy seeing more of you and LFD testing is working well. Long may it continue until the new set of guidelines!

Well, I have been brought up to always look on the bright side. One thing we have not had to worry about this week is watering the plants! It has just been a miserable week with the finale being heavy wind on Thursday and Friday. However, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel with the weather brightening up next week. We are thinking of going out on the bus with some of our residents. It will be nice for them to be remaindered of the sights in Torbay.

Our residents have had a good week. We celebrated Sylvia’s, Min’s and Heather S’s birthday! The home has gorgeous flowers everywhere which the residents have done an amazing job of arranging. This week, our residents have been busy carrying crafts, singing, exercising, playing noisy musical instruments, making a fresh fruit salad and quizzes etc.

Technology is changing the way we care and I am so excited to say that EW’s granddaughter is getting married on Saturday. We are going to stream her wedding on our big digital TV and even organise a little Wedding party. I know it is not the real thing but it will be nice for EW to be involved. Congratulations and best of luck on your wedding from everyone at Harbour Rise!