This week we have had in excess of 15 visits which is fantastic. Thank you to those who have sent me their feedback. I will quote PR’s testimonial about the pod as I feel it represents well what we have achieved:

“Now the weather is on the change, and the temperature is dropping, you all must be congratulated for setting up the “Visiting Pod”. To be able to still visit mum, be indoors and warm and still maintain safety to such a high standard is amazing. I feel that the distance between resident and visitor being more than the minimum two metres stipulated does not detract from the quality of each visit as conversation is still easy, also the full Perspex screen gives so much added protection and does not detract from each visit. Knowing that you clean the whole area between visits gives so much confidence that everyone is as safe as possible in these difficult times. I`m sure that the “pod” will become more and more popular as we move on, so I will ensure I book my visits in good time.”

I thought I would also add that the visiting pod has been great for interviews too.

Moving forward, you have the following options to keep in touch with your loved loves, just remember to book visiting slots if you decide to come and see us regarding:

• residents line: 01803 55 88 16
• skype – look for us under “”
• window visits
• garden visits
• the visiting pod