Dear all,

Thanks for all your lovely messages and support. At the moment, we are doing our best to cheer up our residents and staff and thought we would have a bit of fun at our home and share it with you. Have a look at our photos!

Also a “special thank you” to Pearly Whites Aesthetics in Brixham who very kindly donated some goodies to us including chocolate, soap and cleaning products. Your genuine generosity was totally overwhelming, thank you SO MUCH for thinking of us and thank you to Emily for bringing it to us all.

In everything bad comes something good. COVID 19 is really worrying but it is wonderful to see how the community is reacting, may it continue. Also, we would like to say a huge thank you to our lovely staff who have offered to help with extra shifts, brought in some delicious home made cakes to cheer us up. Anything is a bonus and so very welcome at the moment.

While schools are closing, some of our employees who are also currently studying have come forward to help full time – this is incredible. We will post photos of them next week but THANK YOU!

That’s it for us, will keep in touch