Re opening the day care centre. Please be mindful that this is happening in a very risk assessed and risk controlled manner: the capacity of day care residents is very very reduced ( 5 a day for the soft trials) and each resident has been vaccinated for Covid-19 and is tested for Covid-19 prior to arriving onsite. The Day Care Centre takes place in the “Harbour Cuppa Café” and is therefore isolated from the rest of the home. This means the day care residents do not have any contact with our residents. We are very lucky at Harbour Rise to have so many outside doors, this allows us to dedicate the side entrance to the Day Care Centre! We have carried out 2 soft trials this week and will do another 2 soft trials next week. We are delighted to be able to help some families, albeit in very limited numbers, including one of our members of staff! So far feedback has been positive. Please do let us know if you might be interested in our Day Care Centre.