As you know, guidelines have changed slightly although the full restrictions have sadly not been lifted. Please see below an update on what we can / can’t do in a care home:

  • For visits inside care homes, all care home residents will be able to nominate an essential care giver. These essential care givers will be able to visit the care home resident, even if the resident is isolating.
  • In most cases, residents who go on a visit out of a care home will no longer need to isolate for 14 days when they return. Residents returning from some higher risk visits out of the care home, such as an overnight stay in hospital, will still be required to isolate. Decisions on risk will be made following a risk assessment by the care home for each visit out.
  • Update on Care Home Visiting: the regulations will require care home providers to deploy only those staff and volunteers who have received a completed course of their Covid-19 vaccination unless they are medically exempt.  Any professionals visiting a care home resident such as healthcare workers, tradespeople, hairdressers and beauticians, and CQC inspectors will also be required to show they have been vaccinated before entering the home, unless they have a medical exemption.