The weather has been changeable this week but we have managed to grab some sun when it was out. It was nice to see the chinooks fly by on Monday, even if they did make us jump as they were very loud.

Amanda joined us again for a good sing a long and some dancing, but unfortunately it was too chilly to go outside so we had the same set up as last time which worked well.

Some of our lady’s enjoyed a pamper session and enjoyed having their nails painted.

We had an exercise session which was quite entertaining on Monday.

One of our ladies had a busy morning hand washing all of our empathy dolls clothes.

On Thursday we stood on the balcony waiting to see the ‘Partial eclipse of the sun’ but unfortunately we did not have a good view but spent time talking about what we were doing when we had the total eclipse back in 1999.

Today we have been preparing for the Euros which kick off this evening and have been putting up some decorations.